All prices subject to HST

Solo Walks

Private walks for your pooch (no group). Their walk times are purely their's to sniff, explore, and get some fresh air.


Exceptions are made for additional household dogs.

Price: $18 / $24 / $30

Minutes: 20 / 40 / 60

$5 for additional household dog

  • 20 minutes is great for older dogs, dogs who are convalescing, or puppies who just need short bursts of activity.

  • 40 minutes is our most popular duration and it helps the dogs burn off some energy and get the necessary mental stimulation all dogs need to be healthy and happy.

  • 60 minutes is for highly active dogs who need to be out and about!


Bathroom Breaks

A home visit to let your pooch out to do their business and have some fun!

Poop will be cleaned up with a biodegradable poop bag and disposed of in the green bin.

No extra charge for additional household dogs.


15 minutes

No charge for additional household dog

Dog Jog


A dog-jog to keep your pup happy!


One dog, one open road. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog!

Price: $20 / $26 / $30

Minutes: 20 / 30 / 40

$10 for additional household dog

Other Friends

Litter box cleaning, food dishes filled, and fresh water ensured!

Cats, ferrets, or other friends. We'll make sure that everyone is fed, watered, and the litter is cleaned and placed in biodegradable bags and put into the green bin for county disposal.

$15 per visit

15 minutes


Poop n' Scoop Yard Cleanup


A barefoot safe yard!  Spring cleanup or ongoing weekly maintenance.

We don't use rakes! Rakes, especially during Spring clean up will only comb the waste through the grass. We pick everything up by hand to ensure a truly clean yard.

Cleaned up and disposed of in biodegradable bags and placed in your green bin for county disposal.

Pricing varies based on:

Yard size

Number of dogs

Spring Cleanup or regular maintenence

Pet Sitting (Home Visits)


Long weekends or extended stays away from home, we got you covered!

Avoiding the stress of a kennel, we come to your home throughout the day to make sure your pup is taken care of with bathroom breaks, feeding, water refresh, and some pets, cuddles, or ball throwing to keep them happy.

$60 per day

4 visits per day includes:

Care of up to 2 dogs


Change of water

Bathroom breaks